How Project Harvests Work

HARVESTS’ Stakeholders include:

Local Pastors from the different provinces. As part of their church’s outreach programs, they are in contract with local farmers and their families. They shall contact, screen, and assist farmers to become stakeholders of HARVESTS, and to post their produce. They shall monitor and guide their reffered farmers to achieve successful transactions in every harvests, guided by honesty, integrity and faithful transperancy.

They are the qualified stakeholders that will benefit from this Project. As their quality of lives improved, they are encouraged to give tithes and offerings to their local Pastor’s churches.

Buyers are duly registered and screened by HARVESTS to transact with our Stakeholders (farmers through the assistance of their Pastors).

How It Works

Accredited Pastors registers their farmers and/or farmers’ cooperatives to our HARVESTS App. Harvest schedules, desired farm-gate prices, location of pick-up points and other pertinent information are posted.

Farmers shall be assisted to register their digital mobile money accounts (such as GCash, Paymaya).

Registered Buyers browse the different produce, selects, negotiate and make advance reservation using HARVESTS Payment Gateway Service. Rules governing reservations and cancellation shall apply.

Buyer shall finalize logistics / transport requirements and schedules the same.

After consummation of their transaction, the stakeholders shall rate one another using our Rate Quotient System. Warning shall be issued for those failling below the required rating. Evaluation Rules shall apply.


AgriPortal’s “” serves as an information portal in support to Project HARVESTS.
Objectives of “ are:

1) To showcase each province’s agricultural information, capacities and potentials.

2) To serve as a database and repository of information of farmers, cooperatives, crops’ production and timetable of harvests.

3) To feature agricultural map of the province (farms locations, cities, municipalities and marketplaces).

4) To promote other interests in each province. (Information, businesses, tourism, government, industries, transportation, education, to name a few)


AgriPortal’s “” serves as an information portal in support to Project HARVESTS.
Objectives of “ are:

1) To foster unity and cooperation among all provinces in this strewed archipelago, that allows integration and collaboration on a bigger scale and wider reach;

2) To provide a cohesive force that embodies the sentimentals and aspirations of member provinces;

3) To serve as a forum of discussion and feedback mechanism on policies affecting local governments;

4) To collaborate with national and other local government agencies in attaining efficient and effective inter-governmental relations to provide development programs that will enrich and upgrade the capabilities of local government units;

5) To engage in continuing programs for the development of local government units;

6) To involve league officers and members in international associations, conventions, seminars and congresses.

Technology & Agriculture

With agriculture hamessing the power of today’s technology, an equilibtrium that will ushers us to the new normal, which will benefit the country to ensure food supply by bringing the market to the farms. We expect levelled-up farmers from every province assisted by our relogious volunteers from the different churches and denominations, using the technology to uplift their lives and their future as well as the future of the country.

We shall unite organizations, social enterprises, agriculture and food advocates, technology partners, and telecommunications providers under the umbrella of Agriportal for a common cause towards the HEARTS of the nation.

Logistics and Payment Gateway

Project HARVESTS shall provide the logistical system and payment gateway service in our digital platform.


Buyers can select from our database of logistics and transport providers (land, sea or air) that are available in service for both locations (buyer and farmer).
Cost are automatically computed based on data inputs using built-in calculators. Farmers will be informed of the pick-up date and time, to allow sufficient time to harvest their produce.
HARVESTS shall provide Videos, Picures, Drone Services as part of its monitoring system to digitally document the farm’s progress that were reserved by buyer.


Buyers uses our HARVESTS Payment Gateway SYstem that accepts various mobile money and payments providers, as well as all moajor credit cards supported by VISA and Mastercard (card information will be protected using Secure Sockets Layer). PITAKAMO (E-wallet system) can allow buyers to top up their e-wallet up to P50,000.00 through not only credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers, but also in 7-Eleven stores, similar to a SIM-card load. Perks such as rebates, discounts, and quick refunds shall be offered.

HARVESTS shal earned commissions of 1-4% per transaction and a 2% payment fee.

We welcome volunteers to share information about their produce.

Interested volunteers may email:

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