Funding & Support

To make this worthy project into fruition, AgriPortal needs your support and commitment in many ways, because we believe that each one of us having the same mind-set should actively work together for our future and the future of our children and our children’s children, and to make this country great again as an Agricultural Nation, this time with the infusion of Technology.

AgriPortal has several support projects lined-up such sa environment-related projects, reforestation of critical watersheds, renewable energy, processing plants fo value-added crops, incubation facilities for Agri_enterprises using our Stewardship Quotient Programs for Faith-Based Farmers and Investors Communities, to name a few.

We welcome angel investors, sponsors, donors, advertisers, partners and volunteers. Let us share whatever we can from the blessings that we received from our Heavenly Father, as His Stewards to care for our resources given to us, and as His channel of blessings to our countrymen through HARVESTS.

Let us know how we can support one another.

We welcome volunteers to share information about their produce.

Interested volunteers may email:

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